The Faculty

With the current number of students that we have, our team is more than enough for now. We have a cleaner (Miss Nancy), one Teacher Aide Miss Nelia – who underwent training when she worked closely with the school Occupational and Speech Therapists and is continuously taught by the two Special Education Teachers. The two SPED Teacher are: 

  1. Teacher Kellee J. Pierre-Louis-Clarke; and

  2. Teacher Harlyn Ann Soer

Kelly J. Pierre-Louis-Clarke

BSc. Secondary Ed, Maths and Science, Upper Second Class Hons.

M.A. Special and Inclusive Ed. (in progress)

            Kelly J. Pierre-Louis-Clarke is married with two (2) kids and is an educator with experience in reading fluency, literacy numeracy development and experience teaching at all educational levels. She is a trained para-professional counselor and CPR – first response caregiver. She has passion for student-centric technology based educational interactions and has experience working as a global analyst in the Workforce Management Department at a fortune 100 company. Pierre-Louis-Clarke coordinated as a global analyst in Berlin, Tunisia, Amnehbad and Jamaica. Above all else, she wishes to be remembered as a simple woman who enjoys the simple pleasures of life.

Harlyn Ann L. Soer

Bachelor in Elementary Education

Masters Degree in Special Education (Intellectual Disabilities and Autism) – Thesis Writing

            Harlyn Ann L. Soer is a single parent, who aims to leave a mark with every student that she handles - a skilled teacher (Early Childhood, 1st – 6th Grade, and Special Education). All in all, she has 7 years of experience with special education. Soer was a private tutor up until she became a special education teacher. She has attended various trainings, workshops, and conventions that have expanded her knowledge in said field. Soer is also a strong public speaker, and has shared her knowledge in SPED to many teachers so that other can apply her experiences and advice to situations in their own classrooms.