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Ashley's Learning Center (ALC), is a cross-categorical Special School, located at #6 George Alley Lane, Aviation Road, Downtown, Providenciales. After having found neither government nor private school on the island for her daughter, diagnosed with autism, Angela Williams embarked on a journey to provide educational opportunities for children such as her daughter. The doors of ALC were opened in 2015 with one student and one teacher. Local professionals, trained in Special Education were non-existent; consequently, the teacher was recruited from the Philippines. Parents soon heard of Ms Williams’ efforts and requested that their children be included in the program. With an annual increase in the school’s population, the physical environment has grown to include three classrooms, a sensory room, and a computer lab. In January 2023, a music room and life skills department, currently being outfitted, will become operational.


Our mission is to identify, evaluate, educate, and empower children with mild to moderate special needs, through intentional collaboration, an adaptation of best practices and the use of appropriate curricula to equip them with essential skills to achieve their full potential, in a safe environment. 


We envision our students learning and working together in an inclusive society where individual differences are valued, and quality of life is enriched by positive interactions at home, school, and the community.

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